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The first use

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Making aromatic black

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Making rich coffee with milk

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Weekly cleaning

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Adjust water for Black Cups

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Monthly Machine Cleaning


  • What is the Nescafe Gold Barista Subscription?
    • The NESCAFÉ ® Subscription is a program that provides a pre-determined quantity of coffee at a discounted rate to subscribers’ preferred location, together with a complimentary NESCAFÉ® Gold Machine. With 5 different coffee preparation modes, the machine & plan allows colleagues to share a delicious coffee moment at an affordable price per cup.

  • What are the different Plans available?
    • 2 different plans, BASIC & PREMIUM, have been created to suit the different offices' needs/ requirements.

  • User Manual
  • What are the Benefits of the Nescafe Gold Barista PREMIUM Package?
      • Discounted Coffee Powder delivered to your office with FREE delivery
      • FREE Nescafe Gold Barista Machine in your office
      • Machine LIFE-TIME Warranty
      • Free delivery every 2 month
      • Invitation to participate in Subscription Referral Rewards Program & Exclusive events
  • What are the Benefits of the Nescafe Gold Barista STARTER Package?
      • Discounted Coffee Powder delivered to your office with FREE delivery
      • Free delivery every 2 month
      • Invitation to participate in Subscription Referral Rewards Program & Exclusive events
  • Who can sign up for the Nescafe Gold Barista Subscription?
    • Anyone can sign up for the plan. To sign-up, simply visit our (URL) and choose a Coffee Plan that suits your office/department's needs!

  • How does the Subscription work?
    • Once you have selected your preferred plan, a Barista Master will deliver the Nescafe Gold Barista Machine and conduct a demo session for you at your subscribed location in case you choose premium package.
      In case you choose starter package, coffee will be delivered to you within 5 days after subscribed. For subsequent months, the products will be automatically delivered to you.

  • Subscription Delivery Details
    • First delivery will arrive within 5 working days from Subscription Sign-Up
      For the first delivery you can you can make an appointment for the setup & demo directly at your home.

  • Can I adjust my product assortment in my basket?
    • Yes you can adjust the SKU of product before your next order payment 14 days prior. You can simply log in your account and go to shopping cart to reset your product assortment. And your new product set will be delivered to you next round

  • What if I would like to stop or skip the delivery?
    • You can click suspended your coffee plan to skip the delivery for one cycle. In consequence, the delivery & payment will hold on. But you cannot click suspended for two consecutive cycle.

  • What is the appointment features on the website?
    • The appointment feature is the extra service provided to you in order to demonstrate and show how to set up and use machine properly. Our machine master will go to your home or office on the date & time you selected before or after your subscription process (Upon your selection).
      If you would like to fully understand about the package benefits or how you can use & clean the machine properly, we would strongly recommend you to make an appointment to let our machine master team go to see you directly at your office or home.

  • What will machine master do when they arrive to your home?
      • Describe about the package details & benefits you will get from subscription
      • Demonstrate the machine and train you or your employees how to use and clean up the machine properly
      • Assist you through subscription process
      • Set up the machine and place products immediately after your subscription.
  • What if my machine cause some problems or How to clean the machine?
    • We provide you variety source of information

      • User manual
      • Video on web site
      • Call center service : 02-657-8601 ext. 9
      • Email : nbc.support@goldbaristaclub.com
  • What is your Subscription Service Cancellation & Return Policy?
    • Premium Package: Upon cancellation within first year, there will be an administrative and logistics fee of 3,190 thb charged to your card and a Barista Master will collect back the machine, no more than 3 months after.
      Starter Package: There will be no cancellation fee

  • Who can I approach if I have questions on the Subscription Plan?
    • Please call 02-657-8601 ext. 9 (Monday – Friday 10:00-19:00) or Email: nbc.support@goldbaristaclub.com

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